Monday, January 30, 2012

Corporations and Branding

There are many people that don't stop and think about corporations and branding. They are so used to them that they think nothing of them. All around them are corporations and brand names, but do they really know what is behind all of that. All of the secrets and lies that they are capable of such as their products can cause harm to humans. Corporations and branding can relate to each other in many ways. These two concepts are related by each one of them needs or counts on each other for the other ones success. I believe that without corporations there will be no products that will actually be made so there would be nothing to brand. Without branding, corporations wouldn't be as successful as if they had branding. For example, Nike portrays its shoes to be the best shoes if you are an athlete so consumers are more likely to buy the shoes with the best quality and best name which at the end helps the corporation. I think branding helps give corporation its identity by basically showing what the product there making is all about. It helps give consumers an idea of what their all about and what they are trying to convey about their corporation. People think of Nike as a popular corporation that is big and seem pretty confident about their products. Also in "New Branded World" Klein portrays branding to different cultures such as fraternity house or to a religious cults. Klein's understanding of the corporations that rely heavily on branding fits with the psychiatric diagnosis offered in The Corporation is that corporations are trying to get inside the consumers head and gain new ideas so that they will buy their product. As long as it has a brand name corporations only care of making money and don't take the consumers safety into considerations.

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