Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog Post 5

This new anticorporate activism looks like people that are actually caring about what is going on in other countries and how corporations are affecting them in a negative way. People are now making a stand to this corporations by action. As seen by Nike schools have been turning down to sponsor Nike because of the outragously low pay that people get in Vietnam. The whole idea with shell was brought upon by a single man who spoke out about the Nigerian Military. Also with Nike and Mcdonalds it was because of the internet that people released information about the corporations which can be out within a few hours. People's reconstruction is the efforts that people are trying to do to get their economy back in place. It has not been common in the U.S because of all the regulations we have against corporations. There is really nothing fair about Mobiot's suggestion but i feel that he has the right mindset in trying to help the poor but i do feel like that the rich has worked hard to get where they are at so it would be unfair to them. Then again we must consider that the poor cannot be taxed the same as the rich.

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